Not Doing Competitor Keyword Research May Be Dangerous to Your Blog

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Research shows that over 3.77 billion people use the internet on a daily basis. This makes it the single most important channel for businesses to reach out to their target audience. 9 out of 10 internet users use the search engines to look for information. This means that people don’t just stumble on websites, instead they use the search engine to look for products, services or information. website keywords

Keyword research is a critical aspect of SEO and can determine the quality of traffic that you will attract to your website. In fact the difference between a website that gets high traffic and one that gets low traffic depends on the keywords used.

Keyword research is not just about SEO, it is actually the foundation of other digital marketing practices. If you conduct proper keyword research, then you will give your target audience exactly what they are looking for. Keyword research is the blueprint for your marketing campaigns and will help you make informed marketing decisions. Researching your keywords diligently will determine how much or how little traffic you will get to your website, resulting in more sales.

Importance of Keyword Research

1. It Enables You to Know What People Are Searching For

One important aspect of keyword research is that it enables you to know what people are looking for. Your website can only get traffic if you give people exactly what they are looking for. Keyword research will enlighten you on keywords within your niche that people are searching for. You can only satisfy the needs of your target audience if know what they are looking for and that is where keyword research comes in

2. It Helps You Keep Up With Competition

The online market is dynamic and keeps on changing with time. If you want to be successful, then you must keep up with competition. By conducting keyword research, you will get valuable insights on keywords that your competitors are using and the number of visitors that those particular keywords are pulling to their sites. You will also get to know profitable keywords that your competitors have not yet discovered. Keyword research will help you know what your competitors are up to and keywords that you need to use to attract more traffic to your site.

3. It Helps You Find Low Competition Keywords

There are two crucial principles that you need to understand when it comes to keywords:

  • Competition
  • Traffic

Competition is the number of websites fighting to rank on certain keywords while traffic is the number of people searching certain keywords on a daily basis.

Most people usually focus on keywords that receive more traffic but that is not prudent. Keywords with high traffic are highly competitive and hence difficult to rank. Finding low competition keywords is a good idea despite the fact that they attract low traffic. It is better to be the king of the den than being nobody in the castle. Keyword research will help you find keywords that receive low competition but are very profitable.

4. Increased ROI

Keyword research will not only help you pull traffic to your website but will help to attract quality leads. Sometimes your website can get high traffic but the conversion rate is low. This is because visitors that you have targeted are not interested in your products/services or information. However, if you conduct keyword research, you will use specific keywords that will attract visitors who are ready to take action, boosting your ROI.

long tail keywords definitionLong Tail Keywords Definition

Unlike short tail keywords like “electrician” which is general, long tail keywords such as “best electrician in California” is more specific. Long tail keywords are highly recommended because not only are they more specific but they give users exactly what they are looking for. When users type short tail keywords, they are not likely to get what they are looking for and that is why websites that target short tail keywords have low ROI. On the other hand, if you target long tail keywords, users will most likely take an action because you have addressed a specific issue that impacts positively on them.

In conclusion, although it is possible to conduct keyword research on your own, it is advisable to use credible keyword research tools such as Long Tail Pro, which have been tested and proven to work. This particular keyword research tool will help you find thousands of profitable long tail keywords which your website can rank for. It can also help you steal brilliant ideas from your competitors and measure keyword competitiveness. If you want to dominate the search engines, then Long Tail Pro is a must have keyword research tool. It will help you conduct website competitive analysis, view SERP availability as well as uncover in depth metrics that will enable you to outshine your competitors.

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