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responsive landing pageAsk smart entrepreneurs the best way to make more cash with your online business, and undoubtedly you will hear the same two things come up time and time again:

Establish your sales creator funnel and catch your leads onto a mailing list.

An important element of a sales page template creator or landing page is testing your results.  You need to check how it is performing in order to maximize your conversion rates and have the most effective page.

Now here’s a common issue.

A lot of marketers avoid this whole concept of checking their sales statistics or they simply just don’t know how. The reality is, it’s a lot simpler than you may think. What’s more, it is well worth your time to do it. Since even a little bump to your conversion rate can produce a huge increase in sales revenues for you.

  • If you doubled your conversion rate, just picture how large your mailing list could be.
  • If you used a sales page template creator and increased conversions, think how much more cash you could be making.

Now if you’re doing some split testing (which you should be), you have to choose one aspect of your sales creator template and alter that one aspect. Utilizing this method means that if your sales conversion rate increases, it’s as a result of changing that one aspect. For example, two sales templates with different headlines.  You can check headlines, your call to action, the advantage and benefits of your product, font styles or colors, background videos, animation and more.

The problem is that it takes a fair amount of time to produce a responsive template and if you are sensible, you need to track your marketing campaigns to work out if your sales template is producing results.  In order to do this, one must have a tracking tool or script.

It’s not surprising that a lot of online marketers just have a couple of sales templates, even though it probably means they are leaving money on the table just utilizing these two versions. It’s simply too much work and too much time to continually create visual sales page templates.

An alternative solution is to hire a designer to produce them for you, however he will also drain your advertising budget. Each time you require a brand-new sales template, you need to spend more money so your designer can continuously buy his coffee in the morning!

The most cost effective solution is to use a professional sales page template creator tool and in doing so, you could add a lot of cash to your bottom line without the need to increase the traffic you are already getting.

Presenting, the responsive Landing Page Monkey sales page creator, (LPM) which removes all the work by rapidly and quickly producing spectacular sales templates with some simple clicks of your mouse, no coding required!


sales_page_creator1So Why Would You Need a Sales Page Creator Tool?

  • You don’t have to employ a designer or coder.
  • Sign in to your dashboard of the sales creator tool, click your mouse through the simple form and fill in the content.  5 minutes later, you have a cutting-edge, mobile-responsive and high-converting visual sales page templates to build your subscriber list or sell your product.
  • You can utilize these sorts of pages to not only obtain subscribers but also to run giveaways and hold webinars, which in turn will most likely result in responsive landing pages which will generate sales.
  • This sales tool creator produces them lightning-fast.


Features of Landing Page Monkey

Some of its features include:

  • Create sales pages

The fastest and easiest way ever to build high converting, amazing looking landing pages!

  • Fully Adjustable

Rapidly tweak your sales templates to obtain the right look which perfectly compliments your website.

Alter designs, font colors, fonts, graphics as well as videos to provide a cutting-edge template, a perfectly refined design that is sure to impress.

You can modify your sales template without interrupting sales, touching the code, or submitting anything. Simply log into your dashboard, make your modifications, and click save to immediately update on the web.

  • Autoresponder

The tool integrates with all major auto-responders, including Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and more.

  • Hosting or No Hosting?

You are able to upload the sales templates to your own website, or save money on hosting by letting them host it for you,  at no additional charge. You don’t even need a website to grow your subscriber list with this tool!

  • Tracks your Projects

Fortunately, Landing Page Monkey makes it so easy to test results. The app tracks your impressions and subscriber list registrations so you can improve the design or wording and increase your sales! No tracking script required, as this tool is a web-based platform and has integrated tracking tools making it simple for you to begin checking your results.

  • Responsive Landing Pages

Your sales template appear correctly on all smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and other gadgets.

  • Time & Money Saving

Saves you money and time. In simply minutes you will have a gorgeous sales template that looks like it was produced by an expensive graphic designer.

  • Split Testing

Another cool feature is that it makes it simple for you to produce two sales templates to test. Just log into your account and click produce to make your very first page. A few minutes later, it will appear.  Next, click the clone button next to it, and immediately you will have a duplicate of that sales template. As quickly as you save your modifications, the brand-new edition appears. You can make modifications on the fly without any disruption to your template.

Cool, eh?

Let’s imagine you are sending out a promotion to your existing list to see how many are interested in signing up for a webinar. You produce two webinar registration templates with the sales page creator tool.

You send this out to half of your customers using Variation A of your sales page template, and the second half to Variation B.

Promote your link as you would normally.  Next, log back into your dashboard and check your stats to see which is the winner.

  • Eliminate Tech Headaches

This is a web-based app, so there is absolutely nothing to download, absolutely nothing to set up, no adjusting personalizing scripts. Simply log in and you are ready to begin producing pages immediately. You never ever have to fret about defective coding again!


So How Can This Sales Page Creator Tool Help Me in My Business?

Now, many people (including myself) begin utilizing this tool to produce their opt-in and sales pages. They’ll set up a page with an opt-in form, along with a giveaway to attract people to sign up to their mailing list.

This is a great way to use the app, since it was developed to produce pages that get your visitors’ interest. You can use the app to include a background video on your lead-magnet page, and you will stop your visitor in their tracks. Include animation to your opt-in box and you’ll impress your visitors with your polished, advanced lead page.

Outcome? A much better sales conversion rate and a larger subscriber list for you!

Even though you might put Landing Page Monkey to work for you all day long creating these high-converting pages, it’s simply just scratching the surface of the sales-page iceberg. This tool is an outright workhorse, and it can simply and quickly produce a range of high-impact pages for you. Have a look at its capabilities.

  • Sales Pages

You can utilize it as a sales page, and it works especially well as a demo page when you set the demonstration video up as the background video.  Click here to see a fantastic demonstration of this sort of page.

Does this get your creative juices flowing?

Another method is to put a fixed graphic as a background image, and place your sales video into the box. Click here for an example.

  • Webinar Registration Pages

This app can produce a great sales and registration page for your free webinars. Utilize your best copy with the tool’s high-impact page design creator, and you are sure to fill up your webinars virtual seats.

  • Exit Pages

Up to 99% of your traffic leaves your sales page without purchasing anything if you have a dull page. A large percentage of visitors leave your page without even clicking anything. You’ve lost a huge earning potential here than if you’d added these visitors to a mailing list.  Let it begin catching those visitors by producing a slick opt-in page with an enticing free offer.

Even better, you could utilize LPM together with CatchaMonkey to rapidly and quickly re-route all your exit traffic to your high-converting opt-in page. You will be impressed at just how much income this simple addition to your page contributes to your bottom line – click here to find out more.

  • Contest Registration Pages

LPM can make it simple for you to get participants signed up by producing a contest page. You could even add a background video on the page revealing some of the prizes participants could win.

  • Request for Information Forms

Here’s a twist on a lead-magnet page. Rather than providing a free downloadable video, software application or other digital item, you can provide an info package through the mail.

If you are promoting “weekend vacation breaks”, you can provide a getaway guide in the mail. This may be a brochure or even a DVD.

The benefit is that not only do you get your prospect’s email address but you get their postal address too! All you need to do is include a couple of customized fields to your autoresponder form, fire up the app, and in simply minutes you will have a gorgeous, expertly designed optin page to begin gathering your leads.

  • Money Off Coupon Form

Another way to use this creator tool is by producing a money off coupon forms on your website.

Include customized fields to your autoresponder form so you can gather your client’s sales invoice number and other appropriate info, and after that let LPM produce the page for you which provides a coupon code for when they shop with you again. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and this technique is sure to increase your sales!

You’ve discovered various types of pages you can produce super-fast with this sales page creator. This isn’t an extensive list by any stretch of the imagination. Simply take a look at your own business and whenever you need to catch any information onto a subscriber list, this sales page creator can produce the page for you.



You can produce an optin page like a professional with Landing Page Monkey if you can point and click a mouse.

You’ll never ever have to be scared about dealing with HTML code, when Landing Page Monkey produces your pages and that means 99% of all your visitors will see your landing page, no coding errors in sight.

In my opinion, when you put this app to work for you, I think you’ll conclude it’s one of the greatest responsive sales creator tools on the market.  You wont discover a better, quicker or simpler method to create and launch such attractive, high converting and responsive sales, landing and optin pages. It’s an outright workhorse for my business, leaving me time to concentrate on other areas.

If you need a sales page creator or a responsive landing page with an opt-in form, this tool is definitely worth considering.

Stop monkeying around with those awkward other sales creators and click here to go ahead and create your sales page creator account today and see for yourself why Landing Page Monkey makes list building as simple as 1, 2, 3!



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