7 Most Important Steps To Create Killer Digital Marketing Strategy to Explode Your Business in 2018

Are you like wondering what kind of audience you should be targeting, what gender you should be targeting, what's your ideal avatar.  You're probably getting confused on what is the best platform to use - should it be Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and what kind of things should you be posting about!  Hi, Digital Pratik from Digiperform and today, we are going to discuss 7 brilliant step by step processes which will help give you a strategy which you can easily follow.
You can say which is digital marketing strategy in this particular video Whether you should be posting frequently as today today or maybe one to month 3 to be one kind of Posting you should be doing what kind of videos audios Podcasts alright so as you can see on my screen on my mobile phone I have these seven steps, which will help you to start or to create your digital marketing strategy Which you can use for your client for your business your brand or maybe your own personal branding stuff Which you might be doing on a blog so number one is audience now What do you mean by audience you first have to actually define, What kind of? Of avatar you have for when it comes to customer or your visitors who you would target. Let's suppose You are just a personal branding kind of thing where you are just blogging so in that case.
What is your target audience? What audience or gender or age group you want to? Specifically design so for that what you can do is you can reverse engineer all these steps all right all these Steps which are there on the mobile phone right now in this particular video We actually gonna reverse engineer what's actually working and what's actually not working so number one audience all right? What do you define let's suppose? We talk about this digital marketing strategies people who are interested in digital marketing might be? from like student backgrounds may be from entrepreneurial background might be a business person might be just like a Like like a working professional who wants to do a side hustle when he wants to just blog or maybe vlog on YouTube Maybe just do podcast recording things like that so how do you do that then?
People who are categorizing into entrepreneurs? They might be falling into a category of maybe young or maybe a mature like healthy experienced enough all right experienced entrepreneurs or maybe business person who might fall into a category of maybe most of the times 30 to 50 all right if you're talking about students students might fall into a category of maybe younger generation of seventeen to twenty five to Late 20s so this is how you segment And then you actually define your audience what they would be looking like if you are into a fashion industry if you are just selling Beauty products most of the times they are women all right So your target audience would be most of the times women now?
This is just a random idea which you might be having in your mind by your thought process What you have to decide is what is actually working in the market? This is just your thought process now based on that You won't do online Things online platforms be in fashion if it is fashion thing go on Instagram because that's the most popular platforms For fashion industry because people put both pictures Videos and things like that so let's say we actually do a live demonstration for fashion let's say you are into a beauty business so we go to Instagram and We click on search button On the top we just write Let's say you are selling some fashion accessories, so fashion Or beauty products, let's say beauty products click on people and There you go you have plenty of accounts right over here.
so let's say beauty products beauty products online makeup geek online alright They are having 6,000 followers, and what they are selling is these kind of things now most of the times when you see this It's like almost 90 99 % things are for women all right 99 percent of the things are for women over here So you have now your audience now? This is most of the times for younger generation because there might be some skin products all right So it would be ranging from let's say 13 to 25 or late or maybe 35 max to next all right So this is how you can just reverse engineer on this on Facebook? You can just go into Facebook audience insights if you know Facebook Advertisements and things like that for people motion you can go into Facebook Insights alright So this is how you reverse engineer the second point is what platforms are the most active upon all right? What does the audience we have already defined now? We are jumping into platforms? Which are platforms?
They might be active on so first thing is your thought process your mindset. They might be active on Instagram They might be active on Facebook They might be blogging so they might be having a website or maybe might be interested in reading articles Or if they want some information on products on day to day basis for 5 minutes Then you can start up your anchored podcast people might be hearing into anchored podcasts or maybe simple podcast apple vodka SoundCloud music then if you think about It is different platforms Pinterest because they might be having a interests in viewing things in a nice Infographic way, then you might think of people who are actually Reading long-form content, so you might think of a blog as well So this is how you categorize things if you have a let's say if you are in the food business so what you have you might have a restaurant you might just Bring the value of your community by doing what by just showcasing nice little food recipes What are the things you are using at your restaurant or? Smaller tips to become healthy all right that might categorize both food and health and fitness So this is how you can target?
and you can just use YouTube as a platform to show your videos they you are providing value with the Recipes so you can also document your journey you might have your hotel. You might show up How your foot looks like what kind of food quality you use? Highly or healthy health hygienic and things like that so this is how you decide your platforms once you have your audience Third step is what kind of content. They are consuming now by content We mean four major kind of content text, which is just a read second image Which is visual third video, which is once again visual and listening thing and four test audio Podcasts now these are the four important most important common categorized form of content So what kind of content they're consuming if you talk about Instagram It would be all about pictures and video if you talk about blog articles it might be simply text But that is that that age has already gone alright. Nobody just writes good content simply text form people now consume text images on top of that videos and now people have started including their podcast episodes inside the Blog article so if you have a blog just make sure you use all the food inside one single article then you can have things like Pinterest oranges people are consuming infographics but over there as well.
what you can do is you can just put up your YouTube video link and Redirect them right over here or you can do something like you have let's say you have a 15 minutes food recipe tutorial on YouTube, so that would be specific to an audience who are watching your YouTube videos But then people who are following you on Facebook you might put up nicely creative Square kind of video when you just showcasing one or two minute tip from that particular Entire tutorial or food recipe for YouTube video right so it's all about repurposing content with native It's basically native to the platform Facebook video should be a little bit different than what YouTube video would be Although the content should remain the same alright the content would be same, but it's like various repurpose It's basically repurposing your content in unique ways and native to the platform You're using so it should not be something like YouTube posting should we just simply shared on Facebook? No Not about that age has already gone number four is there is the highest engagement? Now couple of people might be actually let's let's talk about various industries if we talk about industries like digital marketing people might consume content on YouTube Just like this one people might consume content on Instagram as a tip smaller tips or images or visuals or some statistics facts and figures digital marketing trends if we talk about health and fitness people might consume data like Daily tips for it how to become healthy? One of the things you should eat to remain healthy What are some pre workouts post workouts pictures videos regarding that on Instagram?
Maybe if we talk about our blog article people might read up long-form content When it comes to let's say IT industry tech industry people might just read tech prints. What is latest in technology How do you like like if you are just into? It's a pickle a hacking right if you are into ethical hacking You might read law firm tutorials how to do step by step You might just go through a YouTube videos with very that would be like one hour wrong video WordPress tutorial So there is a highest engagement that is what you have to figure out and then you have to actually put up the content, which is about next step, which is content creation and Distribution alright content creation and distribution you have to put a unique piece of content for each and every thing Facebook Instagram blog articles, Kawara submissions forums Postings hell lot of things there is like infinite sources then you can also refer to guest blogging Influencer marketing you can reach out to influencers on YouTube you can have collabs and then you can actually increase your reach increase your brand awareness and He'll know of other things Next is content measurement.
this is the most important purpose once you put up your Content once you create and put out your content on various different channels various different platforms you now start half you you now have to Start figuring out is that working for you or not? Every seven days or 15 days or every single month at least once a while you have to sit and analyze the data How is it working? How will your videos are going? Where people are actually bouncing back from your video? Let's suppose on YouTube you have a video which is like Twins minute 20 minutes long now out of hundred people watching your video not 100 would consume hundred percent for your twenty minutes they might drop out from first minute itself or they might drop off at 18th minute or maybe if you're Writing a blog article Which is our 2004 articles people might not consume the entire 2,000 words or people might not read the complete article.
They might just drop in or 50 person. They might just drop in thirty percent They might click on certain area, so you can use heat maps to analyze your data And then you can just optimize that which is the last thing all right after you have measured your performance It's time now to optimize your content and figure out where they are Bouncing and you can engage them at that point in time so if it is a YouTube video and if you have a large drop on the audience retention you can actually put up something like YouTube I cards over they alright because You know that average audience retention is dropping off at let's say three minutes and 50 seconds 50 seconds Then you can actually put up the high cards or something like call to actions at that one in time for your Future videos or you can optimize your current videos where people are actually dropping off So this is how you actually have to create a digital marketing strategy on top of that you have to Actually have a fair minimum of at least 15 days or 30 days Content planner all right.
You can use content scheduler like coach can use you can use Planners you can use Google sheets to plan on your content. You can have trick you can fix your keywords. What are the things? You'd be posting on maybe five days later. Seven days later. Every single day all right You should have a free planned one month calendar bare minimum and then only it would be actually enough flow because now you know that what all things you should be tweeting and Let's say if you post a content today, then what all things You'd be repurposing out of this particular content video podcast how you will be repurposing it on Facebook What are tips you can figure out out of this and you can, use it? For your blog articles world things you can have and clump together from the five days or whatever things You should be sending out a newsletters to all your subscribers.
Things like that every Friday if you will send ten tips out of the five blog posts you have Hosted in your be if you wanna send out a newsletter on every Friday you have to pre-plan You will have to have a calendar and the best way to do is or schedule and other premium things all  these are Having free trial so you can just grab on hand and if you do wanna pay anything you can use a Google sheet which is completely for free all right Those were the seven definitive steps on which you can have a digital Marketing strategy for your business your brand let us know What do you think and what all things you use for your digital marketing strategy?
And we'll look forward to see you in the next one. Hope you found this helpful If you did do tweet us and let us know what your question is We'll be looking forward to answer that and I'll see you in the next episode till then take care provide and as honest guys stay awesome god bless and Subscribe and what's that one right now, and that will help you a lot And yeah, by the way for you guys, are there is a video right over here And here as you can see so just watch those videos Those are the videos which will help you right now And those are the video of which be warned and did you perform to see the next one so yeah? And by the way below this video right over here there will be a subscribe button so if you still don't have then Hit that one, and that would be the word to us. This is did you perform and sign off?
Are you like wondering what kind of audience you should be targeting, what gender you should be targeting, what's your ideal avatar.  You're probably getting confused on what is the best platform to use - should it be Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and what kind of things should you be posting about!  Hi, Digital Pratik from Digiperform and toda...