Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 | 4 Online Strategies to Grow Your Business

Can I tell you a secret? Just between us okay, just between us. Hardly anyone sits at their desk, January the 2nd and says right, let's do my marketing strategy for the year. Because isn't that always the case? You concentrate on your client work first, and your own business second. But that's okay that's why we released this video in February. February is the new January.

February is the time you need to start thinking about your digital marketing for 2019. How can you use digital marketing to grow your business in 2019? A new year means new technology and new trends. In this video we'll be discussing the biggest marketing strategies for 2019. I'm gonna be telling you how they can improve your digital marketing and help grow your business. So here goes, here are the top marketing strategies that are gonna help you grow your business in 2019. Number one, make video content. So in 2019, 81 percent of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, there are numerous studies and all agree videos help customers decide which businesses they're going to purchase from.

Also Google are more likely to rank a webpage if it contains video content. It's a great way to deliver your brand message, hook your audience and essentially get people through your door. And in terms of brand awareness, video is pretty much the best tool for getting your name out there, so if you're not making video already what are you doing? Pick up a camera, pick up an iPhone and start filming. So now you made all this wonderful video content, how do you push it out to the audience's that matter to you, and what platforms would you be you to do this? That brings us on to point two. What are the best online video advertising platforms for 2019? You've heard me talk about video advertising before and I'm very glad to say as a Google partner and YouTube specialist that the popularity of YouTube ads is on the rise. But Facebook is still an equally valuable platform that has the ability to target some really niche audiences. Unfortunately in recent years Facebook has become really oversaturated with content, and while you may place both videos on both platforms, if you're going to be invested in video advertising, where should you put your money. For me personally, and I promise I'm not being biased here, it's YouTube. See although Facebook offers some really great targeting options, ultimately it comes down to cost, and also how likely it is if someone's gonna pay attention to your video.
Both platforms work on a cost per view basis, or a CPV as we call it. Facebook will charge you when the user has viewed 3 seconds of your video, YouTube will charge you when someone has watched 30 seconds. A viewer is twice as likely to pay attention to a video ad on YouTube then a video ad on Facebook. What's more, and this is quite an interesting stat, 95% of ads on YouTube are watched with a sound on whereas on Facebook the majority of ads are watched the sound off, so if you don't have captions or if someone is just scrolling on their phone as soon as that 3 second mark passes you've been charged. And it doesn't mean the person has viewed the ad at all. So there you have it point number two. Video advertising is going to be fantastic for growing your business in 2019 and my bet is is your'e going to do video advertising there's nothing better than YouTube. Okay, number three in my list of the biggest marketing trends for 2019 is voice search. Now you might have heard me speak about voice search before and if you haven't there'll be a video somewhere up here that you can click on and it will take you to the YouTube video on voice search how it's changing marketing and why it's really really important.

But I've also added voice search to this list because it's having a monumental impact on the way that we search for services and businesses and goods online. So this is why voice search is such an important marketing trend for 2019. Whereas before someone would type something into Google and a certain number of results will come up, now people are searching by voice. Whether they're using Amazon's Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant people are less likely to type in a small number of keywords and more likely to say phrases or questions. The way that people search through typing is very different to how people search by voice. On mobile at the moment 20% of searches are done via voice and it's estimated that by 2020 that number will grow to 50% so if you haven't thought about voice search and how it's going to impact your business and impact how you appear on Google that's something that's gonna be really big in 2019 so it's important to optimize your website and things like your Google My Business page to ensure that you're set up for voice search and how it's changing digital marketing. For example it's very likely someone's going to voice search for a question make sure that your website answers those questions make sure your website has those phrases this could be something as simple as having an FAQ section where you answer the most regularly asked questions about your business and your services.

It's also really important that you optimise your website for mobile so for everyone searching by mobile via voice it's going to be able to easily use your website after they find it in the results. That's a really really quick overview of voice search and why it's really important for digital marketing in 2019 but we have got an amazing video on voice search and how it's changing digital marketing so please go back to our YouTube channel and check that out for more detailed information. Okay so we're on to point number four and it's Chatbots. Chatbots are going to be absolutely huge in 2019 and their use continues to rise not only with the great big massive websites and large retail chains but with small and medium sized businesses as well. So what is a Chatbot? Essentially when you go to a website and there's a little message that pops up in a corner that says would you like any assistance. A good chatbot is good for two reasons. One, it allows the company to reach out to the customer and initiate the conversation rather than waiting for the customer to come to them, it also saves a load of time but on the customer side it allows them to feel that they're valued and can get some answers to their questions regardless of the time of day and without having to wait for an email response.

Essentially chatbots are all about efficiency and customer service. You can preload a chatbot with answers to some basic questions that you know most customers ask. Chatbots can perform basic tasks and also give out a certain amount of information based on keywords that the customer types in. It's great for businesses because by the time that customer has got in touch with you, you probably have the answer to several questions that the chatbot has got for you on your behalf and you're much further down in the sales process than if that person had just emailed you out the blue. It's therefore much more likely that customers actually going to convert because they could already know the answers to common questions such as price, lead times, flavours, sizes in stock. They're already partially sold in and it saves you a lot of time. It also means as a business you don't have to deal with the customers that perhaps weren't really going to buy anything and just would have wasted your time with questions and emails back and forth so it's very convenient and very efficient. So yes point four, an amazing digital marketing trend for 2019, chatbots. Okay so let's quickly run through my top marketing strategies for growing your business in 2019.
1, create video content. Shoot on your phone, shoot it on a camera just get out there and start filming. The first video is always the worst but after that it gets so much easier and you are gonna have a blast it's gonna really help grow your business. Two, take your video content place it on YouTube and let's get your target market seeing your videos. Video advertising on YouTube is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing out there and it's gonna really help grow your business in 2019. Three, voice search optimise your website for mobile, set up an FAQ page answer all the questions you think people are going to ask about your business. Four, Chatbots. If you've got a website and you're dealing with customers, chatbots are something you should really look into. They improve the relationship with your potential customers by getting answers to them quicker and they help save your time by answering all of the questions and giving all the information that a human doesn't need to do. So thank you very much guys those are my four marketing strategies to help grow your business in 2019.
Can I tell you a secret? Just between us okay, just between us. Hardly anyone sits at their desk, January the 2nd and says right, let's do my marketing strategy for the year. Because isn't that always the case? You concentrate on your client work first, and your own business second. But that's okay that's why we released this video in February. F...