SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

Do you want to position yourself number one in Google?   Well I hate to say it, but it's really difficult.   Ten years ago it used to be very simple, but now it's difficult.   And you know what?   Unless you see all that video,   you will not be able to position yourself   number one on Google.  

Hello everyone, I'm Neil Patel.   And today I will share with you   Three ways in which you can position yourself number one in Google today.   I started in SEO when you were 16 years old.   I created a website called Advice Monkey.   No longer exists.   If you look for it, you will not find it.   It was a copy and a very bad copy of   And when I created that web page,   I thought: "Great, this is all.   People are going to come to my site,   and I'm going to get traffic. "   But you know what?   I launched the page and nobody arrived.   There I realized   that there was something called SEO that I had to do.   I paid some marketing companies   to help me with search engine optimization   to be able to position myself number one in Google   for terms such as "job search".   But you know what?   I paid them, and I did not get results.   In the end, with only 16 years old,   I lost all my money.  

You can not make much money   cleaning bathrooms and picking up garbage.   So I had to learn to do it myself.   But when I started, it was as easy as   Put keywords on your website and position yourself.   I wish it were that easy these days.   Number one.   Focus on the content.   You see, Google has an update called Hummingbird,   and with Hummingbird what they decided to do is   that pages that have content on many topics,   they do not position themselves as well as those that focus on   a single market niche and they are very comprehensive.   For example, let's say you have a website about dating.   If you have a website that talks about dating, and your article talks about, shall we say,   Five Ways to Get an Appointment,   or Five Ways to Get The Appointment of Your Dreams,   And you end up explaining:   "Hey, go to, sign up,   and you will find an appointment   after creating a profile ",   Well, you will not have very good results.  

But if you write an article that explains in detail   how to create a profile on,   what is the ideal photo, the ideal description,   how to be funny, how to even make a video,   I do not know, I have not been to these dating sites for a long time,   but if you really go deep   and explain in detail each step they must take,   and then, after explaining well how to use,   you talk about Tinder, then about Bumble,   then about eHarmony, and all the other platforms,   then you can even talk about how to respond to people   and interact with them. If you're going to flirt with someone,   what is the first thing you should tell them,   how should you respond,   where you should go for your first date,   how to continue after your first appointment   and invite the person to another,   If you are very exhaustive,   and your content is impressive, so that people say:   "Wow, I read this article,   and I have no doubts.   I already know what I should do now. "  
That's how exhaustive you must be.   So look for gaps in your content,   as many as you can,   and fill them,   so that in that way people say:   "This is the place you should go,   which you should read   if you are interested in online dating. "   In fact, the funny thing is that   I wish that getting appointments would have been that easy when I was younger.   I could not just swipe in an app like Tinder   and find a partner.   I was sitting the other day with   my friend, Terry,   and he was using Tinder,   and he says: "Look at this,   I slide, a couple instantly, I slip, a couple instantly,   More than 30 couples in a few minutes.   But in my time, you should have gone to a bar   and meet people, and in fact have to talk to them.   Well, now that we've taken that out of the way,   let's see the second advice   if you want to position yourself number one in Google.  

The second advice I have for you is optimize your title tag   and meta description   Have you ever done a Google search?   and noticed that every time you do it,   there is a link at the top,   and then a prayer?   Well the link at the top is called title tag   and the description below is called meta description.   Think of it this way, if you look for the phrase "online dating"   and you do not see the word "online dating"   in the title or description,   Would you click on the result?   If you did, it would be weird,   Well, why would you click on a result   which is not related to what you are looking for?   Besides that,   Have you ever done a search   of a term like online dating,   and you have noticed   that the word is not in the title or description?   That's because Google tracks who is clicking on what results,   and they've learned that when a keyword is in the result,   that same keyword you're looking for,   They know that you are more likely to click.

 So, in the title tag and in the meta description   make sure you include the keyword.   But you can not just include   the keyword as "online dating", right?   The easiest way, and how I would do it,   and I wish it were that simple,   I would just put "online dating,   online dating, online dating, online dating. "  

If I could put it 20 times for people to know   that the article is about online dating.   I wish it would get more clicks like that.   But it is not that simple.   Yes, you have to include the keyword,   in the title and description,   but it has to be attractive.   If it does not flow in a sentence,  if it is not easy to read,   and if it does not attract and arouse curiosity,   then nobody is going to click   The third thing I have for you   is to use the Google Search Console.   Did you know that Google provides you with a tool   What helps you position yourself number one in Google?   Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true,   and it's called the Google Search Console.   If you do not use it, register.   It costs nothing.  

you are missing something if you do not use it.   I can not be more emphatic about that.   So, now that you're using the Google Search Console,   wait a few days, because it takes some time to upload data.   You will see a screen that shows Search Analytics,   and shows you all the pages on your website   who are getting traffic.   But the great thing about the Google Search Console,   It also shows you   which articles are receiving impressions.   And with impressions I mean this,   when you do a search on Google, You do not always click on a result, right?   If you did, you would click on   10 results every time you search.   That would be crazy.   What Google shows is   how many people see your result   and click on it,   and how many do not click   Then it shows you how many impressions you get,   the clicks, and the CTR.   And you will realize that, in general,   you're lucky if you're getting a CTR near   of 5%, sometimes 10%, 15%.   But on most of your pages   You will have a CTR of less than 5%.   Now, the great thing about the Google Search Console is   that show you all the keywords   for which you are receiving impressions,   and all for which you are getting clicks.   Remember that the first advice was about exhaustive content,   and you want an article that talks about   everything possible on a subject.   Well, you can use the Google Search Console,   to use it in the first advice.  

So, the number one and three are a little related,   in the sense that you want to take all those keywords,   for which you are receiving impressions,   and start adding them to your copy.   Now, do not use them by force,   to have content loaded with keywords,   for someone to read, and be something like:   "online dating, Tinder, eHarmony, online dating,   Meet someone online dating.   If someone reads your article   and it sounds like that,   they will bounce from your site   because that means your content is bad   and it only has many keywords.   It has to flow naturally, be educational.   So, you must take those keywords   what you see in the Google Search Console,   and add them to the article.   We have an article about Instagram,   and it teaches you how to have more than   300 followers segmented per day.   The article is about 10,000 words.   When I wrote it for the first time,   I did not have 10,000 words, but about 2,500.   I went to the Google Search Console,   I saw all the people who were looking   terms related to the article.

  I added them.   I did it deeper, and, you know what?   My traffic for that article grew by more than triple.   Yes, it is that simple.   And when I made that change,   the result was not immediate,   but I noticed the results in less than 50 days.   That is not a long time.   Now, let's recap the tips.   One, make your content super complete.   Two, be sure to include keywords   in your title tag and in the meta description,   but in doing so,   make sure you wake up curiosity,   and to create an impressive title   that makes everyone want to read and click.   And number three,   use the free tool that Google gives you that will help you position yourself number one.   That is, the Google Search Console.   Use these three things and you can position yourself number one,   not only in the future, but right now.   Now, since you have learned these three tips,   I challenge you in the sense that I want   that you take these tactics and implement them, and after implementing them,   in the next 45 days,   I want you to leave a comment with your results.   Because if you do not have good results,   I will not be happy.   And I know these tactics work,   and that's why I challenge you.  


Because if you implement them,   you will see results,   and you will be excited,   and your life is going to change.   And I want to create a community of people with similar ways of thinking,   where we all act and help each other grow.   So I challenge you to take action   and implement these three steps.   Now, considering that you can be busy,   and maybe you can not do   all three things right now,   just choose one.   You do not have to consume all the time.   Choose one, make the change,   maybe you can start with the second tactic,   because that is the easiest.   Implement it and you can start   to see the results immediately.   So, be sure to subscribe   to this video and this channel,   and

see you in the next video,   and together we will continue to help us grow.

Do you want to position yourself number one in Google?   Well I hate to say it, but it's really difficult.   Ten years ago it used to be very simple, but now it's difficult.   And you know what?   Unless you see all that video,   you will not be able to position yourself   number one on Google.  H...