What Kind of Metrics Should You be Tracking as a New Affiliate?

trackingIf you’re a brand-new affiliate marketer, what kind of metrics (numbers) should you be tracking?


It took me years to realize this but at the end of the day it all comes down to how much you spend versus how much you’re getting back.

I always stress that we need to know exactly how much we spent, because a lot of these buyers for our high-ticket affiliate marketing can be $10,000 and up.

The 90-Day Rule

You cannot really judge the performance of a successful marketing campaign until at least 90-days have passed.

– You will rarely be able to tell if any traffic campaigns are profitable within 30-days…
– And after 60-days, you’ll be getting close to breakeven…
– But after 90-days, you’ll really be able to look back at your metrics to see if you are being profitable from one campaign.

Once you break even and make all your money back, you’ve acquired an asset.

being profitable from one campaignThe new asset: Your new customers!

When you get new customers on your list, it’s an opportunity to build a new relationship, and of course promote more products.

You should be making additional offers to your list as long as you have their attention and their interest.

And continue making additional offers to them until they either buy or unsubscribe (which could take years).

Just remember, it will take some time and persistence but if you keep making offers to your list, it can be ENORMOUSLY profitable.

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