Which is Better – Free vs Paid Traffic?


Free vs Paid TrafficMany affiliate marketers think that they can simply get on the Internet and build their business for free – especially with social media.

And there are a lot of “gurus” out there teaching “free” best traffic strategies. So let’s discuss…

Which strategy is better for you – Free vs Paid Traffic?

Most affiliate marketers want big commissions but they’re not willing to sacrifice anything in the process.

They want to spend as little time as possible and invest as little money as possible.

With online marketing, there are endless options to advertise. Many new affiliates get caught up doing “free traffic” like blogging, email marketing, making YouTube videos, and the list goes on…

But what they don’t realize is that even though free traffic doesn’t require a financial investment, it requires a HUGE time commitment – and never forget that TIME is your most valuable asset.

The good thing about paid traffic is it’s pretty much instant.

With paid-traffic, you can see results immediately. You could go right now and place a Facebook Ad, and you would literally be getting clicks within 24 hours.

Plus, when you spend money on an ad, you can monitor whether it works or not, how many clicks it gets, your number of leads, and how many sales you get. You can track all of these metrics.

But with the so-called “free” traffic methods, like blogging for example, very few people will tell you that blogging takes a ridiculous amount of time.

And search-engine-optimization (SEO) can be very complicated these days. It’s a pretty steep learning curve for the average person getting started.

If you want to make it to the million-dollar level, you need to be investing real dollars, because you need to understand that it’s the only way to scale your business.

Nobody will ever get a million dollars in commissions on free traffic. It’s very hard to do.

And when you really think about it, there is no such thing as free traffic, because your time is worth money. No matter what, you will always end up paying for it.

I think you should get paid traffic to your website from the very beginning, and hold off on free traffic to your website, such as writing blog articles, uploading videos to YouTube etc until you already have a good list of subscribers.

Tune into the video below about advertising with Google Adwords!

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