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Internet Marketing Strategies

At one point or other, everyone has been a novice or newbie at something. Being a newbie to internet marketing strategies should therefore not be a thing of shame, especially considering the dynamic nature of the internet and how fast things change in today’s world. Before going in-depth into what internet marketing strategies are, it is important to describe what a marketing strategy is.

So What is a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy can be described as the deliberate action or set of actions by the management of an institution or organisation aimed at increasing sales and achievement of a competitive advantage sustainable by the company. An internet marketing strategy therefore, would be incorporating the use of different internet marketing tools into the strategy to achieve the desired goals.

It should be noted that even as reading about internet marketing strategies is very important, it is even more important to do what has been learnt. In other words, the easiest and best way to learn is to act simultaneously as the strategies are better learnt when they are implemented.

As the main aim of implementing internet marketing strategies is to build and improve the online presence of the company, below are some easy internet strategies that can be done by anyone and any company regardless of the size of the business or the level of internet and computer skills of the individual.

Email Marketing Strategies

Studies have shown that although email marketing seems to be one of the oldest forms of internet marketing strategies, a huge percentage of consumers still prefer to get information about brands, products, and companies via their emails. One very important factor to the success of this strategy is list building. This is the foundation of a successful email strategy as the organisation needs to gather the email addresses of their target audience. The addresses need to be active and responsive to get results from this internet strategy.

A regular periodic update on the business would go a long way in determining the success of the strategy. A weekly or monthly newsletter that features the different events and specials of the business is a way of effectively using this strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Virtually every user of the internet uses the different search engines as they have suddenly become the source of everything and anything on the internet. The trick with using search engine optimization or SEO is to rank high on the pages of the internet’s top search engines, such as Yahoo and Google. This is not only the fastest way of improving the online presence of a business; it also serves as the foundation for the other strategies as they are all tailored to achieve the aim of SEO – to get picked up easily by the internet’s top search engines in order to drive millions of real organic traffic to the website of the business.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook has suddenly become the face of the internet with the platform boasting over a billion and a half monthly active users. As a business owner, creating and maintaining a captivating fan page on Facebook could be the best decision made in years. One of the advantages of Facebook marketing is the reach. As mentioned earlier, over 1.5 billion active people use the platform on a monthly basis, creating an immense branding opportunity for any business.

Engagement is however central to the success of this as fans – existing and potential customers, need to get regular entertaining and informative updates on the business.

Video Marketing

YouTube ranks among the top 5 most visited internet websites in the world with millions of visitors looking for different information every minute. The business gets to showcase their brand and products to the world by regularly uploading different videos about the business.

Other internet strategies that can be done by newbies, include advertising on the likes of Google and Facebook, article and content distribution.

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