Productivity Hacks to Accomplish More in Your Business


What Environment Do You Work In?

In order to help productivity and to get your energy going, write down each morning a list of things you MUST get done that day.  Focus here is on the MUST, not the things you would LIKE to achieve.

Setting yourself a long list of To Dos will not only overwhelm you but will also dishearten you if you don’t get them accomplished by the end of the day.  Be realistic in the goals you set yourself.

Block out time in your calendar so that you can take control and focus on the job in hand during the allotted time.

Turn off any notifications you have setup, such as phone or calendar reminders.  These will only distract you and break your train of thought.

Don’t keep checking your emails, instead, set a time in the morning and late afternoon to check your email and keep to these scheduled times.

If there are tasks that you can automate or delegate to a VA, make a note of them and look further into how you can make this happen.

Your environment can play a major role in how productive you are throughout the day. The area you work must be conducive to getting tasks done that you set out to do and achieving the goals you set yourself.

Think about focusing on what’s important and what tasks you need to get done to move your business forward.

Think about what tasks you could delegate to a VA, to free up your time to focus on money-generating activities


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