IM Checklist Silver Edition Review


The IM Checklist series boasts a whopping 6,500 fan base and that’s for a good reason of course. IM checklists have become a top choice for marketers in the industry and has significantly helped so many beginners and intermediate marketers take their online businesses to a whole new level. And now we have the IM Checklist Silver Edition that has just hit the market.

Kevin Fahey shares a step-by-step checklist in a 590 pages’ book that he personally used to build a million-dollar business. This gives you easy access to the blueprints of making a fortune online. Here is the reason why you need to grab your copy today as this is a limited edition offer.

Why IM Checklist Silver Edition?

IM Checklist Silver Edition has been recommended by so many online marketers out there. This brings us to the question, what’s so special about it that it has risen to such popularity. Well, there is only one way to find out and that is grabbing your copy at a $20 discount. But before that, let’s look at what others have to say.

  •  IM Checklist Silver Edition is presented in an easy to consume format that you can check off in seconds, hence, saving you countless hours of digging into fluff content.
  •  It provides insight as well as training into the crucial aspect of online marketing such as market places and market research.
  • This resource is just what you need to boost your business to a whole new level and bring a new dawn to your business by providing you with a proven and straightforward plan of action.

This internet marketing encyclopedia introduces us all to a whole new era of online business marketing. This is something that is turning heads. This should, therefore, tell you that IM Checklist doesn’t compare to any regular $7 PDF that will end up untouched forever on your hard drive. This 590 Pages book comes in a printed copy and will be shipped right to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

The Massive Bonuses! Don’t Miss Out!

Things get even more interesting with the $500 Bonuses for the Early Birds. This is a limited time offer though.

1St Bonus: Full Access to IM Training for 12 Months at $359

  •  You enjoy full access to a 15-topics collection of training courses in the form of videos
  •  Monthly Live Webinars
  •  Case studies, resources, templates and anything else you would need to build a successful business online
  •  VIP Live Coaching from Kevin Fahey on a monthly basis

2nd Bonus: Access to IM Funnels Pro at $197

  • 16 done-for-you funnels that brought in millions of dollars in 2019 Combined.
  • You get to use the funnels as your own as well as 100% of realized profits.

3rd Bonus: Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group at $197

  • 24/7 access to a group of online marketing masterminds.
  • A chance to build connections and get your questions answered as well.
  • You get to share ideas with other members on how to move online marketing forward

Do not miss this opportunity to get a 50% discount. This is your best chance to learn the secrets of building your online business to 6 figures or more. Click here to find out more and decide for yourself whether this is right for you!


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